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Career Changes & Skill Development

You may want to earn more or want to explore other options, whatever your reasons may be, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind to ensure that the change is profitable and successful. Almost all professionals take on a career change in their professional life, so it is nothing to be hesitant about if it is what you truly want.

Before changing your career, give your current position some thought. Keep your next venture realistic. Pay close attention to what you like and dislike about your current profession. Be aware of your areas of specialty and analyze your weaknesses and work to improve yourself. Make sure that the reason you are changing your career does not have anything to do with the particular organization you are working in, but rather the industry in general. You must also think about how your career change will affect your financial situation as well as those related to you. Remember, your age is not a concern when you are changing your career and it is never too late to explore different areas. If your career change is steady and well thought-out, you will not face any difficulties.

If you are not sure what field you would like to work in, it would be good to list your skills and talents. It’s important to focus on work that makes you happy.

When you are changing careers you should have enough money and time so that while you are changing your career. It the career you are interested in might need you to relocate, make sure you have enough money for that as well. This way you will not have to worry and will be able to give your complete attention to your new career.

When you have made your final decision regarding your career, it is time to start working on your new career. Begin training and garnering experience in your new field. Make sure that your work is impressive enough to appeal to any future employers. You should begin by figuring how much training you will require. Your new career may need you to develop some new skills, but do not be daunted and remain open to fresh ideas and experiences. You can take courses or work towards a degree to get a firmer grip on your new career. There are online crash courses available for most fields and any sort of research is always profitable. It is also important to keep up with the networking in your chosen field so that you have greater exposure and are well-informed of the reality of that sector.

Now that you have trained and planned for your new career, start looking for employment. Make the most of your talents and make sure that you are satisfied with your new position.

Volunteering and Internships

Most people do not consider volunteering because it is an unpaid activity. While volunteering requires time and effort, it is beneficial because it hones your skills and lets you gain experience. Volunteering also gives your résumé a good look and gives your employer an idea of your determination and enthusiasm regarding your professional endeavors.

Before volunteering, be aware of the amount of time and effort you will be able to dedicate to it. It should not negatively affect your work schedule. Your volunteer work should be one that helps you to develop your pre-existing skills and help to train you for your future career. Keep in mind what you want to learn and what you wish to achieve from volunteering.

Another good way to get experience in a field without commitment is to apply for an internship. An internship is an up-close and personal way of getting to know the ropes of the industry that you are interested in. There are paid and unpaid internships, but it is best to concentrate on learning and getting experience.

You can use the internet or your seniors to seek out internships that are suitable for you. When deciding what internship to take on, keep in mind that:

  • How much time are you able to give?
  • Who would you be working under?
  • What would your responsibilities be?
  • Is it paid or unpaid?
  • Would you have any sort of direct involvement in the company’s activities?
  • Will this internship benefit you in the future?

It is also recommended to do some online research regarding the organization in which you will be interning. This will let you know if it is a good place to work or not. Many well reputed organizations in Pakistan like Shell, McDonald’s etc offers summer internships where you can apply to get some experience. Following are some of the companies and their internship information. Keep checking the page for new updates and intership oppuruntities.

1: Descon
3: NLC
4: NBP
5: Sanofi
7: PEL
8: Shaukat Khanam
9: Unilever
10: Shell
11: PSO
13: Fuji Fertilzer
14: Telenor
15: PM Youth Program
16: Akhuwat
17: NHA (pdf)

Volunteering and internships are highly recommended for those interested in a professional approach to their career and for those who want to work in a field where experience is appreciated. It is good to have some knowledge of your future career before fully investing in it and committing to it.