AuVitronics Limited (House of Habib)

3rd Floor, Siddiq Sons Tower, Plot#3, Block 7/8, Jinnah Co-operative Housing Society, Shahrah-e-Faisal Khi.
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Employer Description

uVitronics was established in 1983 as an Audio & Video Cassette manufacturing facility. Cognizant of the fact that cassette is dying business, Strategic decision to diversify into auto parts was made in year 2000. In 2010 cassette manufacturing business was fully closed.
Another strategic decision was made in the year 2013 to further diversify into packaging business catering Pharma & FMCG sectors.
AVT has over 900 employees and take pride on providing significant employment to female which is around one third of the work force.
Our corporate motto is customer trust, based on prompt service and consistent high quality.