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How to Land the Perfect Job – A Basic Guide

The process and method of landing a job has changed a lot recently. The internet has played a central role in this by providing easy access to job-related websites and social networking. It gives a platform for job seekers to easily find their dream job. Landing a good job requires the assistance of the internet as well as a few standard methods.

One of the most basic ways of finding a good job is to reach out to your acquaintances who may be involved in the field you wish to work in. Make it a point to let your friends and family know of the job you want. This gives you greater exposure and a better chance at finding a job in your local vicinity. If you know someone who is in your desired field, ask them how they initiated their career. If they tell you any numbers or locations, make sure to jot them down for later reference.

Always look through the job listings that are available in magazines and newspapers. They are also available online. Examine them carefully so that you get a basic idea of the market situation and the type of jobs that are currently available. You may also find yourself interested in a job you did not previously consider. Your local newspaper is also an effective way in finding a job in your area.

However the most extensive resource is undoubtedly the internet. There are numerous websites that specialize in listing jobs. It shows you all the available positions in the local and international market and a wider range of career opportunities. You simply have to type in a keyword for the type of job you want, and you will be given several options.

Make sure that you are active on social networks. There are social platforms specifically designed for professionals and job seekers. Social media gives you greater disclosure. Make sure that your online profile includes your basic information and academic accomplishments. Create profiles on career-based social networks and include all the data required by an employer to assess your capabilities. Most employers search the internet for any future employees, so it is best if there is no negative information of you online that may nix your chances of landing the job.

You may also find it helpful if you use a recruiter. Recruiters are people who work for companies and organizations and assist them in finding the ideal employees. You may refer to a recruiting agency that will help you in finding a job no matter what level you are at. A recruiter does not cost you as the fee will be paid by the hiring company. Recruiters give you access to unadvertised jobs and can look into their list of contacts in the market to help you out. They will also end up doing majority of the work, saving your time.

While applying for a job, the foremost priority is your résumé. It is the employer’s way of singling you out and determining whether you are suitable for the position you have applied for. It should represent you in a brief and relevant way that entices the employer. Your résumé may be the key to making you a forerunner in the company’s options.

There are three main types of résumés, functional, chronological and combination. The general format is chronological. In a chronological résumé, your experiences are listed in order of occurrence. In a functional résumé your experiences are listed in accordance to skill. A combination résumé is an amalgamation of chronological and functional résumés.

If you are applying for a more conservative field, it is best to go with a chronological résumé. They appeal to older readers and are easier for them to sort through. If you wish to change your career course and lack work experience, a functional résumé is the way to go as it gives an insight into the skills you possess which can help the employer to consider varying positions you can work in.

Start by creating a header with your name, email address, phone number and address. Make sure your phone number is one you can answer easily and that your email address is professional. Continue by clearly state the position you wish to work in. Next, list your experiences if you are using a chronological or combination résumé. Make sure that the data that you input in this is relevant. If you are going with a functional/combination résumé then list your skills that are related to the job you wish to secure. Then go on by listing your activities, your academic achievements, awards you have won and hobbies that are involved in personal development.

These steps will make you look employable and reliable and help you in quickly landing your preferred job without too much effort.